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 Midian's Gimmick and character information

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Midian's Gimmick and character information Empty
PostSubject: Midian's Gimmick and character information   Midian's Gimmick and character information EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 5:17 pm


Hgt: 6'7"

Wgt: 305 lbs

Eyes: Pale green

Hair: black

Birth place: Baltimore Maryland

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Wealthy criminal sociopath

Theme song: Perfection or Vanity by Dimmu Borgir

Pet finishing holds and what they are:

The Lesson Learned aka Axe Guillotine Driver

The Gates of Midian aka Texas Cloverleaf

The Lunatic High aka Psycho Driver 1

Hate, Pain, and fear. These are the three words Midian lives by. this sadistic monster has long reigned over the wrestling world with a sadistic glee and a willingness to to injure anyone in his path. He has over the years become a collector of names, called The Misery machine, the Nightmare man, the prince of sins, and The pale rider.
Midian loves pain, giving and taking and loves disrespecting anyone foolish enough to challenge him. he preaches that to be truly free, one must sin, as that is to be fully unshackled by the rules of the false.
All who stand before him will learn a lesson in anguish. Win or lose, anyone who faces him will never forget their brush with insanity. He changes everyone he meets, creating black spots of despair and hopelessness. Midian is a liar, a user, an abuser, and a master manipulator. ANyone he targets is in for a major headache at best, total destruction at worst as he is relentless, and a master tactitian, losing at times simply to lull a victim into a false sense of security, making them feel safe, and able to protect themselves before showing them otherwise and crushing them.

Midian is a sociopath, a complete lunatic. he uses his families vast fortune to bribe judges and doctors so that he can remain free from incarceration. He got into wrestling so that could legally maim people and not be held responsible for his cruelty. He has dabbled in just about every disgusting form of criminal behavior known to man, or at least that's what many believe, but no one has ever been able to prove anything, or if they can, make those accusations stick. Midian's pockets are deep, and he knows that he can buy off all but the most steadfast officials.

Midian's style in the ring has been described as brutally effective. He prides himself on being good at everything, but not too narrow minded to focus on one aspect of his method. Midian is however very fond of submission maneuvers, and goes to great lengths to apply them to make his opponents suffer, this sometimes leads to defeat, as his single minded obsession with inflicting pain can make him easy to predict.
But even losing does nothing to stave of his hunger, or his madness, for as he is fond of reminding his foes, you can never truly defeat him, only survive him long enough to suffer further.

Midian's family, His father, Mother, and sister all Perished in an automobile accident that only he survived when he was 13. he inherited his parents wealth and estate, he grew up with his butler, Braddock, as his care giver as per his parents will. However, it became apparent that something was very wrong with the boy as his sociopathic tendencies began to emerge. After buying his way out of 4 institutions and a prison sentence, Midian decided he needed a way to relieve his desire to hurt others that was completely legal. He joined Pro wrestling.

Midian Owns and Operates a club of dubious nature he calls "The Gates of Midian' He is often there watching his "children" (Young people, ravers, addicts, perverts etc) dance, drink, and other wise corrupt themselves from his VIP lounge. (Other players should feel free to promo here as well, Midian encourages sin, and will not turn anyone from his doors so long as they behave themselves. This pretty much means only two things though, do not bust the place up, and do not piss Midian off, his "children" are quite loyal to him and will do anything he asks, just to gain any recognition from him.) The club plays Techno, industrial, metal, and trance/ dance music. Country and rap/hip hop are not tolerated as Midian despises these types of music.

One more tidbit. Midian NEVER goes anywhere without his cane. It is slender black wood, shod in silver with a silver skull handle. What is so special about this Item, is that it is not a striking weapon, the skull grip has a small button that when pressed allows Midian to use the tip as a cattle prod. This is not widely known, as Midian usually uses it behind the refs back, and you have to know exactly how to activate it or miss the button on inspection.
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Midian's Gimmick and character information
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